Just a Thought… “You Can’t Take the Skies from Me”

I was watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer and noticed that the song in the background was a Johnny Cash track called "Ain't No Grave," which I think worked really well. This is the second blockbuster trailer in recent memory which used a Johnny Cash song to outstanding effect (the other being "Hurt"… Continue reading Just a Thought… “You Can’t Take the Skies from Me”

Parables…Salt and Light

When the World Speaker starts telling a story, we should all probably listen extra carefully, right? We call Him Jesus, and in His own language He was called Yeshua, which is where we get our name Joshua. Three languages: Greek, Hebrew, and English. One name: "The LORD saves." Yeshua was, minimally, a gifted storyteller. He employed common cultural notions, and… Continue reading Parables…Salt and Light